I see people who want someone who will always need them.

Yet I look for someone who will be just fine without me. I prefer people who intrigue me on their minds, not people who I’m desperate for attention from. 

Anonymous said: i dont think she was calling them I child, I think she was saying children arent for everyone just like abortions idk

"I get it.

Abortions are not for everyone.

They’re like children that way.”

So that’s the quote that the woman spoke, please note that she said “they’re like children that way.” Meaning that she’s comparing something to children, so that would imply that she’s either calling people who get abortions to be children or people who are against abortions to be children.

This is the horror of pronouns, they never properly discuss who or what they’re talking about. 

Although to your credit, it is plausible that she is saying ‘abortions are like children, not for everyone.’ But it’s very convoluted, especially when the subject of the previous sentence was the realization that there are people who do not prefer abortions, so that implied to me that the subject was anti-abortionists. 

The day we all found out where we were going after training.
Henry was going to stay in Texas, Andrew went to Maryland, I was supposed to go to South Korea but I fought to stay in America and I’m now located in North Carolina.
I miss my old work dinner sometimes when I compare it to what I eat at work now. 
My friend’s birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse, just look at the pure enjoyment on her face as we all sang happy birthday.
I went to my friend’s wedding.
It was her 5th one. 
This was back in January, I wonder if they’re still together.
We get to play with all the fun toys.
Riding the trollie to the mall.
My mother sent me a postcard from hawaii
I had so much cash in my wallet that day that it couldn’t close on its own.
It was only 200 dollars but I just thought it was so funny since I had never spent 200 dollars while shopping before. 
I remember this weekend, at that restaurant I got a cheap plastic cup and took it home with me as a sort of memento for the memories of just people who I hung out with and haven’t seen since may.

That girl in the middle actually currently lives in the same town as me and we work for the same group, when I texted her to see which building she worked in, her number was disconnected. 
I miss my daily dinners being meals like these. 
Anonymous said: idk if you realise, but your self indulgence annoys near or not anyone, exempt from those whom wanna do you, so top tip for life, stop taking selfies and thinking we give a shit bout your exercise routine, I do 3x your shift n don't brag, some people are to self obsessed nd need a knock out, here is yours.

If you consider posting a picture and writing about what you’ve done as bragging, I’d hate to consider what you think of people who just simply mention what they did the previous weekend.

I don’t know about you, but I think of my blog as more of a diary that other people can read, which is why its heavily censored. I don’t post every lift and run I do, just what I did or what’s floating around in my mind at the moment that I feel is safe to publicly publish. 

That’s great that you do 3 times as much as me, I used to do 4 times as much as I currently do. But I also have a job where I work 40 - 50 hours a week, so obviously I might feel a little bit exhausted and reclaiming even a little bit of my previous workout tendencies feels like an accomplishment to me. I’m sorry that you are unimpressed or whatever, I’ll do my best to not ignore your feelings from now on, whoever you are. 

So here is your ‘knock out.’ This isn’t about you. 

I feel like these daily pictures are getting annoying but I don’t particularly care. 
Today I ran about 2.5 miles in 22 minutes, and the 2 miles in under 16 I think. I wasn’t particularly keeping track. Then I did 10 minutes of sit ups but it was filled with breaks because I kept feeling like something was stabbing my back, I was doing the sit ups in the grass where there are plenty of weeds, my back was pretty much as black from the dirt and grass that was smeared on it. Then I finished it off with 3 sets of 10 pull ups, except the last two sets were 11 and 12 in order. I’ve done no chest workout today sadly and I’m lying to myself and claiming I’ll do it tomorrow. I still haven’t had breakfast unless you count the 3 slices of bread and italian icee I had, oh and a jug of water. 
On another note, how does my haircut look? I feel like it could be better right now, maybe I just need more length on top and then to gel it up. 
There was this food truck infront of the grocery store that I shopped at in Texas. They would serve asian dishes for around 10 dollars and they tasted wonderful, usually.