Posting this here to hide from real life.


Hello internet. So this weekend I met a French girl at a bar, we hooked up, but I had to leave early, early early, 3:38 in the morning early. I gave her a kiss goodbye and told her that I wanted to see her next weekend and meant it. That was saturday night/sunday morning. By monday I got a text from her saying that she didn’t want a serious relationship, which is a bit odd because I told her flat out that I wasn’t opposed to a non-serious relationship, I just wanted some monogamy in my life. She won’t be here for long, she’s leaving in July, which is fine, but still felt like we could spend plenty of time together. But it’s whatever, we had the whole ‘lets be friends and hangout this weekend’ b.s. that everyone talks about. I doubt it’s going to happen. She said she might be ‘going out of town.’ Fuck my life. I wish people could be honest, even I want to be honest. The only reason why I want to ‘be friends’ is so that I can try to hook up with her again and have a relationship with her. She’s genuinely a smart girl and that’s what I like about her, I don’t find her face to be that pretty, but I like how she is skinny, but really she’s just a genuinely smart person and I like that.
I don’t know, advice? Comment? Concerns?

Sometimes I have chats with strangers on omegle.

You: Hello there. I’m Matt.How are you?

Stranger: im cahca

Stranger: *chaca

You: Very interesting name

You: I’ve never heard that name before.

Stranger: hahahaha

Stranger: idiot

Stranger: american idiot

You: I don’t think it’s idiocy to not know anyone with a name like Chaca

Stranger: its not a name u “§!?I

Stranger: god damnit :D

Stranger: the name chaca doesnt exist

You: Well when I perform the search Chaca on google, I get A stupid fuck in mexico, that uses Ed Hardy and Christian Audiger, bling bling and other rediculosuly over hyped stuff. they like to show off, drive “fancy” cars and go to “quinceañera” parties. most of them are poor but pretend to be rich and important, they listen to banda and reggaeton. they generally have faux hawks, and other bad haircuts when their head is not hidden with some ugly Ed Hardy hat.


Stranger: hahahahahahahaha

Stranger: lol

You: I hope you learned a valuable lesson about yourself today, Chaca.

So on Friday I’m doing grenade training for work. 
So this weekend was kind of a bust but not that bad either. I played some video games while girls watched. I honestly don’t understand what their goal is, maybe 1 of them likes me and the others are just dragged along, I really don’t have a clue. Ironically the only girl I like out of the three doesn’t even talk to me, haha. Besides, office romance is a bit of a horrible idea anyway. 
A few or a lot of people hated when I was just simply taking a picture a day and posting it. But then I got lazy and didn’t post it when I actually took pictures of my own.So I guess I’m going back to the whole 365 pictures thing. Oops.
I don’t know. Life has been a bit rough recently. I only say that because of work. We’re working on this project that ultimately someone else will take credit for and will get more pay for. So it’s hard to be motivated to do it. 
I see people who want someone who will always need them.

Yet I look for someone who will be just fine without me. I prefer people who intrigue me on their minds, not people who I’m desperate for attention from. 

Anonymous said: i dont think she was calling them I child, I think she was saying children arent for everyone just like abortions idk

"I get it.

Abortions are not for everyone.

They’re like children that way.”

So that’s the quote that the woman spoke, please note that she said “they’re like children that way.” Meaning that she’s comparing something to children, so that would imply that she’s either calling people who get abortions to be children or people who are against abortions to be children.

This is the horror of pronouns, they never properly discuss who or what they’re talking about. 

Although to your credit, it is plausible that she is saying ‘abortions are like children, not for everyone.’ But it’s very convoluted, especially when the subject of the previous sentence was the realization that there are people who do not prefer abortions, so that implied to me that the subject was anti-abortionists. 

The day we all found out where we were going after training.
Henry was going to stay in Texas, Andrew went to Maryland, I was supposed to go to South Korea but I fought to stay in America and I’m now located in North Carolina.
I miss my old work dinner sometimes when I compare it to what I eat at work now. 
My friend’s birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse, just look at the pure enjoyment on her face as we all sang happy birthday.
I went to my friend’s wedding.
It was her 5th one. 
This was back in January, I wonder if they’re still together.
We get to play with all the fun toys.
Riding the trollie to the mall.
My mother sent me a postcard from hawaii
I had so much cash in my wallet that day that it couldn’t close on its own.
It was only 200 dollars but I just thought it was so funny since I had never spent 200 dollars while shopping before.